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Mid-Century Man Cave Inspiration

I hate the phrase 'Man Cave.'

Like really hate it - I know I'm probably the only one that reads too much into that little catch phrase, but I have such a hard time associating anything positive from it when I know so many men who use it in order to separate themselves from responsibility like it's a disease or something. 

So why did I title this post with the phrase, "Man Cave?"

I'm thankful to be married to a man who doesn't want a dingy sloppy cave in which he can watch sports until he passes out amidst beer bottles and weeks-old pizza boxes. I'm thankful for a man that lets me paint the kitchen pink, and let's me take over the only room that really functions as an office in our house. 

My husband likes comfort, but he also likes order. He's an aspiring Physicist, you know. 

So we designated the basement as the area of the home that will reflect him. Instead of referring to outdated and immature terminology such as "man cave," we've simply labeled the basement as the workshop and den.

Or conveniently, the basement. 

Our basement is split up into three parts: a laundry area, a  finished, open, and small room with a half bath, and an unfinished workshop. The workshop is filled with tools and wood and all things Matt loves and so it's really no mystery that the workshop solely belongs to him. 

But when it came to the finished open room, we wanted it to be a place we could both hang out, but since I've dominated all the decorating themes throughout the rest of the house, I decided to let Matt have this basement den as a masculine retreat decked out the way he wanted it.

He's really excited about our plans for it, and wanted me to help him put something together.

I said fine, as long as he cleared it out. And he did.  

About Matt

He's getting his PhD in Physics, has two degrees in Engineering, plays guitar, loves old maps and whiskey, and has a soft spot in his heart for good ol' fashioned American baseball.

He devours any information he can on Einstein or Newton, lives for a good radio lab episode on NPR (but aren't they all), and prides himself on the ability to light a fire fast.

So when thinking up ways to decorate the den according to his taste, I wanted to incorporate the history and science that he loves with his favorite bar accessories and lots of comfort - because the man likes to relax.

I came across these great pieces that would also make awesome gifts for any man looking to add a little refinement to their space. 

Matt's favorite items were:

  • these Physics inspired prints by Etsy Seller Megan Lee
  • Slate coasters via Crate & Barrel
  • This Buffalo White Wool Throw via Unison Home
  • Gold Canvas World Map via Joss and Main
  • Einstein Rustic Nut Bowl via Macys (currently unavailable)
  • So there you have it; the start of my husband's man cave den/masculine retreat/anything but a cave.


    What about you guys? Ever know anyone who had a space they claimed as a "man cave?" What do you think about that term? Does it bug you as much as it bugs me?

    Disclosure: Mancrates.Com contacted me about putting together an inspiration post to banish the common perception of slovenly man caves everywhre. I just so happened to be putting together this idea board for our basement den, and agreed to write it...especially after Matt visited Mancrates.com and started putting every gift box on his wishlist. Geez - way to make my wallet sweat Man Crates! ;) I was not paid for this post.