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Etsy Swap 2014 - Giving & Receiving

I was so excited when Meg and Amy announced this year's Autumn Etsy Swap. I've always been to tied up to participate, so when I noticed a little lull in my schedule this time around, I pounced on the chance to bring (and receive!) Etsy goodness to someone else in our blog network. 

Etsy Swap 2014 - quote printable, christmas tree candle, and Jane Austen Mug

My Mission for Etsy Swap 2014 // Autumn

I was lucky to get Rachel as the blogger I was to shop for - I loved secretly reading up on her blog to really get a sense for her personality. The info she submitted to the swap also indicated that she loved mugs, candles and sunshine.

When I noticed she'd been doing a lot of reading on the classics with an emphasis on Jane Austen, I couldn't resist this mug from Etsy seller Brookish who puts lines from Austen classics like Pride and Prejudice on coffee mugs. Genius idea, right?! I just loved the cleverness of this "Make Haste" mug and wanted so desperately to keep it for myself.

Make Haste! Pride and Prejudice coffee mug via Brookish

The print hails from Printable Wisdom on Etsy and is actually a pdf file that I was able to print right at home on professional matte photo paper. The quality really exceeded my expectations and I thought it was a subtle way to marry Rachel's love of sunshine with some literary influence. 

The last little item was picked up in a local store called the Beehive here in Atlanta. They sell handmade goodness from local artisans. It's one of my favorite shops to go in for a unique gift. This little candle maker sells all sorts of different scents. I'm not a big candle person, but let me tell you, these scents were spot. on. The candle I picked up was titled "under the mistletoe" and definitely smelled like a little tin of Christmas Spirit; perfect for transitioning from Fall to Winter!

Uncommon Scents - Handcrafted Candles Decatur

Received for Etsy Swap 2014 // Autumn

This little whale note card was the first thing I glimpsed upon opening my Etsy swap care package. Such a lovely note from Charlie in which she got mad props for totally getting my "Call the Midwife meets Downton Abbey" style! 


She went above and beyond and sourced this delightful little tea cup and saucer from the Polka Dot Rose - it's so dainty you quite literally need to hold it, pinky up, as all fingers will not wrap around that delicate little handle! I have it sitting front and center on display in the living room, cleverly atop a stack of books. 

Vintage Tea Cup and Saucer from Polka Dot Rose

Charlie also included this postcard print of a tea pot which was actually on my Etsy favorites! I love Oana Befort's work. It's so wonderfully whimsical. I think I'm going to frame it and hang it in the kitchen. I think it'll look lovely with my new pink walls. :)

Let's Get Together by Oana Befort

If you're not following Charlie and Rachel, you should!

Rachel writes about family, delicious food, and life as an ice skating coach - reading her blog brings me back to my childhood when I wished so desperately to meet (or be!) Kristi Yamaguchi. 

Charlie has a blog full of heart, faith and travel. I can't wait to dive into her posts on traveling to China and London.