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My husband let me paint the kitchen pink

We moved into our little 1950s cape cod style home last year, and after surviving a burglary, living on a grad school budget, and various job transitions, we're slowly starting to see some improvements.

A project that took us a long time to tackle was the kitchen. The color of the walls was a rosy brown color that was actually really pretty, but it just wasn't working well with all the white and gray counters, cabinets, appliances and floors. Our house is also really shaded outside, so it gets pretty dark in there.


The kitchen before we painted


My husband let me paint the kitchen pink

I wanted to brighten the kitchen up, and after months of living with huge, ugly paint swatches on the walls in cream, white, pink, peach, and gray, we finally settled on a light pink.

Or rather, I settled on a light pink, and my husband graciously allowed me to proceed. He was a bit shocked when it was all said and done, but he's warming up to it now.

We used La Fonda Honeysuckle by Valspar.

Mini to-do: Matt wants to paint that back kitchen door a different color. Any ideas?

Pink and Gray Kitchen

You can catch a glimpse of our dining room in the above photo. That room is next on our list of house projects. We're dreading it because the walls AND ceiling are painted a lime green, and there's popcorn on the ceiling that we want to remove.

We've had a hard time picking a color because the green ceiling casts a weird tint on everything. We're thinking of installing a real chair railing (what's there is just a beam of painted wood), and painting it a light, light, natural tan/stone color.
Pink kitchen and copper kettle
Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together - Elizabeth Taylor
glass door kitchen cabinets
Houseplants in the kitchen

It feels so good to have a light, SOLID color on the wall - I can't tell you how awful it was when it was dark with all those paint swatches -- it felt like the kitchen was never clean!

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Have you been working on any house projects lately?

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