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The Way We Weekend // September 13-14

For those that are new here, 'The Way We Weekend' is a photo series I used to do on my old blog, documenting the way my husband and I spend our weekends. 


// creative meetings at Inman Perk with Jacey & Erin (Brains of the Outfit)

// impromptu head shots on the Atlanta Beltline for a Jacey's new job

// a quick stop for free lemonade in the city

// new shoes for the Maiedae Mixer.
Creative Meeting with Graphic Designer & Stylist
Creative Meeting in Atlanta
Jacey Lucus - Industrious Atlanta
Jacey Lucus of Industrious Atlanta
Lemonade Stand - Inman park
My golden shoes for the Maiedae Mixer

// new decorations for my new pink kitchen

// new tea towels from the Beehive Atlanta by French Silver Shop. So accurate -- I've been know to have a breakdown or two in the kitchen.

// a chalkboard and basket - I need one of those fancy chalk pens...immediately. And a steady hand.

// a hook for my aprons. Finally.
Our very pink kitchen
New kitchen towels from the French Silver Shop - Atlanta
Chalkboard and Wire Basket from Target
Anthropologie Apron on Hook

// a new rug for the front door - Chester approves

// we spent so much time out of the house this weekend, we felt we owed Chester a little fun with a run and walk combo through the neighborhood

// I love that there's local Atlanta art on our street.

// Selfies with Chester are in need of improvement

Chester approves our new rug from Target
Chester goes for a walk
Walks with Chester
Local Atlanta Art

// Have a splendid week, everyone!

Dog Selfies
Dog selfies need a little work
Christina Conrad