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Why I'm A Photographer

I make an amazing introvert. I love hiding away in my home with a cup of tea, a good book, and my dog, Chester, curled up at my feet. I can stay like that for days. 

Kate Morton's The Secret Keeper

Often, I dream of living tucked away, only venturing out once a week or so, for the rest of my life. To be isolated from society, tending a garden, collecting eggs from my hen house, making Christmas wreaths from the boxwood shrubbery my husband planted by the front door.

Yes, that would. be. the. life.

Vintage Apron on a chair

Although I can survive quite contently tending to myself and my immediate family, I believe we were all designed to be in community with each other.

 We were all meant for relationships and interactions and reaching out to one another in love and friendship. 

So as much as I talk about staying holed up where no one can bother me, my curiosity gets the best of me because I live for a good story.

Scenic view of the smokies.

And that’s why I’m a photographer.

Photography always provides me with challenges that allow me to grow as an artist. It pushes me out and about, requires me to meet new people and to develop lasting friendships. It motivates me to evolve as an artist, to dream, to reflect, to express. When you really break it down, I’m not only helping you by providing you with photographs, but you’re helping me too.


Don’t you just love that? With Photo Says Hello, it’s more than a photographer/client business transaction. It’s a friendship that results in helping one another. I get to capture your moments. You bring meaning and value to my job. It’s a win-win situation. It’s beautiful.