Raleigh Portrait Photographer for Creative Small Businesses


Head shots. They're necessary if you're a business professional, but sometimes, they can look SO stuffy. When you're a creative professional, the last thing you need is a stiff, corporate head shot against a dark background.  Let's face it, those photos make us look separate from the rest of the world. They make us look unapproachable, too important, and nothing like who we feel we are as a business owner. 


Ann is the designer behind Grit & Wit Design; she's also the creative genius behind my own branding. She wanted photos that represented her as a designer, a lover of the creative process and beauty, with just a little bit of grit thrown in for good measure. 


With Ann, we focused on finding a location that provided a backdrop to match her brand, rather than taking her photo in front of a dull and boring backdrop. She also wanted to incorporate elements of her design process and personality. So, shots of her sketching in her moleskin notebook, holding a treasured cup of coffee,  and this charming little display of personal items added the perfect touch. 


It also helped to bring wardrobe stylist, Erin W. Brown, along to help pull the look together. Erin eventually booked me to do her own head shots. As a stylist, she wanted to show off her wardrobe. We were able to do her head shots, and get a couple outfit of the day looks. Makeup by my friend, Diane, helped complete the looks. 



Please don't settle for a head shot that looks like everyone else's. Your head shot should reflect you, not the board room. So let's get together, take advantage of some beautiful light and an environment that reflects your personality. We'll take some photos where you're stunning and dressed in what you love so your confidence and brand can speak to your clients. 


If you want to book a session, just send me an email: photosayshello[at]gmail.com, and I'd be happy to help you! And if you need a little help putting your look together, Erin would be more than happy to help (she has an exclusive rate just for Photo Says Hello clients). 

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