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Behind the Blog: Three Embarrassing Things

Last month, I wrote about breaking down a million times in front of everyone I know. I really appreciated everyone's kind words of encouragement and feedback. You guys are amazing.

Behind the Blog - Three Embarrassing Things with ChristinaElyse.com

But what surprised me most was how a few of you were a bit shocked that there was struggle behind a seemingly polished online presence, so in an effort to keep it real, I'm going to share three embarrassing things about myself: 

// I can't stand the sound of others chewing

This is more of a pet peeve, but the really embarrassing thing is that I almost yelled at a kid for making noises while they were chewing. Thankfully, I stopped myself and reminded myself that this was a child who was relaxed and content and really enjoying her snack. I told myself to just let her be. 

This chewing thing is more than a nuisance. Once I tune into it, I can't tune it out, and the only way I can live with the sound is if I eat something myself. 

P.S. As I was writing this post, I had to kick my husband out of the room (and apologize later) for eating grapes.

// I don't know how to swim

I grew up in Florida, and when people find this out, I usually hear the following:


Usually, this is said to the tune of a nasal, whiny, flabbergasted sort of tone. 

It's embarrassing and annoying all at once. I often feel like I owe people an explanation, but you know what? I really don't because it's my personal business whether I can do something or not. I've had a couple of bad experiences with water, and I don't feel like everyone I meet deserves to know about them. 

// The shape of my feet

My feet have been embarrassing me since elementary school. I have narrow heels, flat feet, and my big toes sort of point outward. A lot of times, doctors think I've danced my whole life as a ballerina. They always want to know if I did point because my feet look like they've been permanently smashed into ballet point shoes. I wish this was true because that would be cool - a physical sacrifice for the art of dance, but nope - my feet are just weird. Pool parties and slumber parties were often spent trying to hide my toes - the funny thing is that no one ever notices unless I point it out. 

So there you have three embarrassing things about me - at the surface they're silly, but deep down, they burn a little and cause me to show bitterness towards others; that's the most embarrassing part because really, at the root of these things is sin. Anger, pride, and vanity seem to be the controlling factors here - I'm glad to say I've let a lot of these go in most situations, but every once in a while, they still creep up on me.

// Questions

1. Can you relate to any of my embarrassing things?

2. How do you overcome the things that embarrass you?

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