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A new season - Autumn Favorites

It's Friday, it's Fall, and I'm a happy, happy girl. 

My absolute Autumn favorite is that it heralds the season of celebration. Holidays, birthdays, milestones -- they all seem to go off like a shot at the start of the season and carry on till the first signs of Spring. 

And more specifically, this change of season is bringing on a delightfully long list of creative collaborations with blog friends, creative professionals, and more. I'm a bit giddy about it all.

But for the little introvert in me, the presence of Autumn means 5 things:

1. Being in the back yard a lot

...which is basically the same thing as holding the key to Chester's heart.

Chester, the border collie/corgi mix

2. Drinking Hot Tea

...especially when the cooler weather brings on a cold...or two.

Hot Green Tea

3. Cozying up with a good book

... and a dog to keep your lap warm.

reading with a dog on my lap - the perfect cold weather activity

4. Setting the table for Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving Table Setting

5. Pretty Scarves

... isn't this on everyone's fall favorites list?

Fall scarves are my favorite

So those are my autumn favorites, what are yours? 

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Christina Conrad