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A Year of House Projects - our accomplishments

After our basement started holding water for the second time after a heavy rainfall, Matt and I came to terms with the fact that there was no use in constantly talking about everything we needed to get done around the house, but that we actually needed to act on those words.

A Year of House Projects - What We Accomplished our First Year as First Time Homeowners

We finally sat down and made a list of everything we want to do in each room of the house, in every section of our yard, and on every exterior wall of our home.  Not a corner of our property was left forgotten.

little coffee table vignette

On my old blog, I posted an exhaustive list of everything we needed to accomplish, but to spare you all, I'll instead provide a list of highlights we DID accomplish. You can see the original list here if you want. 

// Our Accomplishments

1. Painted the Living room, hallway, bathroom, and kitchen

2. Bought a rug for the living room

3. Replaced the storm door

Chloe Sofa from Macy's

4. rearranged the living room for the 3rd time

5. bought a new bed and mattress for the master bedroom

6. created an entry way for our living room's "no entry way" set up.

7. organized the built in shelves in the basement

8. cleaned out the mess/junk left by previous owners from under the deck

9. updated the security system

10. relocated our bedroom to the main floor.

11. replaced three light fixtures with prettier and brighter ones

12. cleared out the garden boxes and planted vegetables (and watermelon!)

13. Planted a peach tree

polaroids on vintage window pane

14. added a "gallery wall" in the living room. 

15. replaced the entry rug/mat

16. Purchased a table, set of chairs, and umbrella for the deck

17. Settled on a room for our 2-person office

Our next big project is to get the basement den decorated. We accomplished the huge task of buying a sofa for it last weekend. Is it weird that we feel like such old folks when our own parents come to visit and we don't have a place for them to relax and watch TV in the evenings? So now, the TV is mounted, sectional assembled, and there's even a half bath and a fridge down there. 

Basically, it's also getting coined as Matt and Chester's new man cave when we don't have company. 

I'll be posting more about the basement progress at the end of the month; I'm really excited about the direction we're going!

What about you? Do you keep a long detailed list of house projects or do you have a whole binder devoted to it?

We've just started putting together a budget spreadsheet, but we're still a little all over the place.

I'd love to know what you do to stay on track!

Basement Den with Ikea Karlstad Sofa

This post was originally posted on my old blog, Home Says Hello, and has been updated to reflect the progress we made on our house.