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Project Life 2013: Weeks 1 & 2


January is taking off, and there's nothing like documenting your daily life that makes time pass so quickly. Have you heard of Project Life? I started it last year, but after our first dog passed away, I couldn't bring myself to finish the year.

So this year, I'm starting over, documenting the week through photographs and journaling. The system I'm using makes it so easy. All I have to do is think in terms of 4x6. LOVE IT. As a photographer, I love that this project allows me to relax a little. I don't feel pressure to take the perfect photo because this album is about remembering the day-to-day moments in our lives.

I'm getting quicker at filling in the pages and it's fun to be able to flip through it with Matt. He's even gotten involved by providing me with a quote or snippet of conversation that inspired him for the week.

While the internet is one of the most convenient and amazing things in existence, it's also a thief to heirlooms. The internet prevents us from connecting in real life. It prevents us from flipping through old photo albums every time we go to mom's house. It prevents us from putting up our child's photograph at work as a reminder of why we're working the worst 9-5 desk job imaginable.

So this is why I love Project Life so much. I'm crafting each piece by hand, making do with the paper odds-and-ends I have at home, reflecting on the going-ons of my weeks, and growing excited about the moment when I might have children that enjoy flipping through the pages of my own albums to see what life looked like before we knew them as our own.

If my little personal project has peaked your interest, visit The Mom Creative for more examples of what others are doing with Project Life.

P.S. We're kind of obsessed about the framed portrait of Thomas Jefferson we have above our buffet. He's provided plenty of conversation topics when we have guests.