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On Photography and Sleuthing

When Raven (from YouAreRaven.com) said she needed help photographing a 1920's inspired carnival shoot, I was beyond thrilled that she asked me. And no, I wasn't excited because of The Great Gatsby. I'm more of an Agatha Christie kind of girl. I like novels set in that ever changing time between the World Wars. If it's a mystery with a strong, stubborn, and sassy heroine, then the better.

Fitzgerald's Daisy Buchanan just gets on my last nerve.

But Agatha Christie does justice to women of that time period. She doesn't paint them in one way all the time. She uses a wide span of ages, background, and personality. She's clever in her depiction of people, because she portrays her characters honestly. There's a complexity in them that makes them feel real. Almost too real.

And goodness, once you read The Man in the Brown Suit, you'll want every heroine to be just like Anne Beddingfield.

In a way, I like to think I'm like Agatha Christie, doing my own little detective work in trying to bring out those subtle personality traits in the people I photograph. I love it when people share their story with me, when they let me in just a little. It helps me connect, to be present in the moment and to enjoy getting to know them for who they really are.

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