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Hello, Children: Anna and Elisha

There was nothing more fun than watching Andrew ride his son's bicycle just to get the kids to laugh.Jane already had mini cupcakes baked and ready for reward (Matt and I got some too). Really, they were the best kind of parents to have around on a children's photo session. The children, Anna and Elisha, were interactive (lots of funny questions and ideas!) and happy. Although Jane would have loved it if Anna and Elisha could just sit still and smile sweetly for every photograph, it was fun to see her laugh at her children's silliness. Sure there were moments of pouting, but this family was just amazing at turning it around. I loved that.

When having someone take portraits of your children, it's important to remember what Andrew and Jane did: these are children and they're filled with curiosity and giggles and spunk. Oh, and they're absolutely hilarious. HILARIOUS. And we should rejoice in that because let's face it, we don't live life they way we used to when we were four or five. It's more rewarding to let them be themselves than to force them to sit still and stretch a fake smile. Wouldn't you rather look back on the photos and say, "they were so wonderfully cheery and fun and themselves" rather than "we had to work so hard for them to appear happy?"

So take these pointers from Andrew and Jane:

  • You know what makes your children smile and laugh  - do it. Dad's are awesome at getting the giggles out.
  • Have some sort of tasty reward for after the session. It's a special occasion and your children are all clean and dressed wonderfully and doing this for you. What's more rewarding than for all of you, as a family, to sit down to some of mom's amazing cupcakes?
  • Don't be afraid to be stern. Sometimes, you just have to step in and correct bad behavior. Don't worry about offending the photographer (or at least this one). Just because I'm there doesn't mean you have to quit being a parent.
  • Laugh with your children. It's ok for you to have fun and to enjoy all that your children are. They're going to say something funny, or do something goofy. If it isn't bad behavior, why make them stop? Those moments often make the best photographs.

There's obviously no secret formula to perfect children, but good grief, that would be boring, wouldn't it?

Hello, ChildrenChristina