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Madison League at the Goat Farm

I've been so fortunate with the amount of opportunities that have been coming through these past few months. I've been tagging along on a lot of shoots with Trent Chau of Trent Chau Photography as an intern/assistant  to not only help out wherever I can, but to continue my photography education.


I feel that to be successful at what you do, you should always be investing in continual education. Having this opportunity with Trent has been a tremendous learning experience.
Over the past few months, I've been honing my skills at portrait lighting, learned how to work with horses on a shoot (more of that next week!), and I'm starting to get the hang of shooting video. And I have to say, I'm loving every minute. 



Atlanta friends, have you ever been to The Goat Farm? It's kind of an amazing place, and I had so much fun working with Madison League , a darling girl looking to make it in the modeling industry.  Trent set up a test shoot with her and invited a few of the interns to see how he works with newer models and to also see how he lights photographs in broad daylight. 


Apart from just having the opportunity to learn from Trent, it's been great to observe the way he never withholds knowledge.  He's definitely inspired me (and Matt) to pay it forward, and to hopefully teach others as well because we really believe that knowledge and creativity is something everyone can enjoy.

Christina Conrad