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Michele & Cole | In-Home Engagement Session


When Michele suggested doing an in home engagement session, I couldn't refuse. I had the time of my life shooting Brad & Nissa's in-home session in Boston last fall, and was eagerly waiting for the next couple who would want to follow suit. So last month, I traveled down to Lakeland with Matt (and Chester, our dog!), and we set up shop in the home of Cole & Michele.


Some people think that in-home sessions can be complicated, or that they need a home worthy of Martha Stewart Living, but if you follow these easy steps, you'll be more than prepared for a photo session at home. 

1. Come up with no more than 5 activities or mini themes to be photographed in your home.

Michele & Cole chose to focus on snuggling up together, their love of video games, their love of creating music & art, and their love of cooking together. Their 5th activity was to take photos in the downtown Lakeland area which was about a 5 minute drive from their house. The list helped us stay on track so we could focus more on having fun and less on wondering what we should do. 

2. Center your 5 activities around sources of natural light.

Although I come prepared with lighting equipment, natural window light is a favorite because it allows for much softer, natural looking photographs and really plays up the romantic, cozy, at-home feel.  

3. Be comfortable with moving your stuff.

No matter how much you clean your house, I will most likely always want to move something. While a certain item's placement may have a purpose to you, it may be competing for attention in the shot.  Michele & Cole were totally cool with us maneuvering things like the sofa, or the kitchen island cart so the best angle for the shot could be achieved. At the end of the session, we moved everything back to its original home so their house wasn't left in disarray. 



We're so thankful to Michele and Cole for inviting us into their home. We're also SUPER thankful to Amanda's amazing styling and awesome downtown rooftop access.

So, dear reader, if you're ready to book your in-home session, just send us an email at photosayshello@gmail.com.  We're ready to do another!