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Three Ways to Get Dreamy, Hazy Photos

Ever wonder how some photos have a dreamy, hazy glow or how some  photo subjects look like they're crowned in a halo of light? Believe it or not, it rarely has anything to do with Photoshop or an Instagram filter.

3 Ways To Get Dreamy, Hazy Photos Without Using Photoshop

Maybe you've tried getting the same look. You grab your camera, a friend, and head out to a beautiful park, but your friend is squinting in every photo, the soft colors in her dress all of a sudden look too saturated and harsh, and there's a cast of dark shadows in all the wrong places. 

There's 3 reasons why your dreamy hazy photo experiment may have gone awry and none of them require you to purchase anything. Win!

1. Timing

Don't fall in love with the idea of a bright and sunny midday photo shoot. You'll be a sweaty mess, your subject will be squinting, and the sun casts its harshest shadows. Early morning or early evening is the best time for photos. The light is soft, richer color.

Three Ways to Get Dreamy Hazy Photos

2. Position

Face your subject away from the sun to eliminate squinty eyes and get that instant halo look. Shooting inside? Place your subject in front of a bright window and expose for their face. 

Window Backlighting

3. Equipment

Get that lens hood off your lens! Now! They're great for blocking out sun flare, but when your goal is to create a hazy photo, you're going to want that flare. 

Three Ways to get Dreamy, Hazy Photos
How to get hazy, dreamy photos without using photoshop

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Care to practice along with me? I'd love to see your dreamy, hazy photos. Use #betterblogphotos or tag me on Instagram @christinaelysec so I can see and share with my followers!

P.S. Loving the look and feel of those first two floral photo? The flowers were arranged by the lovely Jenna of Gold & Bloom! Modeling by Allie of Peacefully Chic!

Disclaimer: Minor editing was applied to the above photos through sharpening and white balance correction. I also bumped up the contrast to eliminate some of the haze. All haziness represented in these photos is pure, natural, sunlight! 

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