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The Problem With Our Dining Room Paint Color

Not sure if you recall, but when we moved into Nook House (more on the name of our home later), we suffered from the crazy green on the walls and ceiling. At times, it wasn't that bad, but at other times, it was really awful.

Our Dining room had lime green walls and a green ceiling when we moved in

Our dining room doesn't get much light, and with what little light it does get, there's always some odd color getting thrown around. 

It was nearly impossible to pick a color for the wall. Every time we would try to compare a paint sample, the green of the walls would throw everything off.  We wanted a neutral somewhere between gray and beige, and settled on Tattered Sail by Olympic. 

Tattered Sail by Olympic

We didn't even test it on the wall first. We just painted. After months of testing paint colors, I did what any impatient person would do. I thought, it looks good on the paint chip, it'll look good on the walls. I mean, how wrong can you go with a neutral?

Apparently, very wrong because our dining room looks lilac now.

You see, when we painted, we were having a couple weeks of bad, gloomy weather. The sun was refusing to come out and I was determined to get rid of the green by Thanksgiving. Between the overcast weather, and only having the green paint to contrast with the new paint, it was impossible to tell what the color was going to turn out to be.

Gray paint looks lilac

So, we're back to trying to find a color for the walls in the dining room. A solution may be to just add a third coat of paint, but I'm nervous to do so. Has anyone fixed their color issue by just adding more paint? I want a calm neutral to ground the pink in the kitchen (which doesn't even look like a different color in the photo above. The kitchen and dining room look nearly the same!!). 

Thrifted French Artwork for the Dining Room

I guess the positive thing is that it looks better than what was there before. And now that we're repainting, we'll be fixing that awful excuse of a chair rail by correcting the height and adding something a little more delicate. 


// Did you ever jump the gun and go with your gut on a home improvement project, only to find that your gut betrayed you?

// Do you have any good gray/beige neutral paint recommendations?