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Styled Stock Photography for Writers & Readers

I'm a photographer by trade, but my heart beats to the tune of a pen scratching at paper, it swells at the sight of musty old book pages dying to be turned and dog eared and underlined. 

I was inspired by my love of reading and writing to make this collection of styled stock photos - The Storyteller Collection. I can just see writers who love to blog about writing and publishing supplementing their posts with these images.

I'll be releasing more styled stock photography collections soon for those quiet creatives who are looking for imagery that's anchored in reality, fits their brand story, and looks a little more grown up. 

There's a lot of styled desktop stock photos available for purchase online, but they often have sterile white backgrounds, glitzy jewelry, lipstick tubes, and confetti. While those items are fun from time to time, they seem to have become the defining style of all the female creative entrepreneurs.

I wanted to create imagery for the female creative who appreciates the past, rejects current trends, and clings to a story like a treasure from the past. 

So, if you're not the glitzy, glamour type, or more importantly, your ideal customers and followers aren't the glitzy, glamour type, I hope these photos will be of use to you. 

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