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Last month, I got to meet three amazing women who blog. Their vitality and energy and full hearts were so refreshing. I loved showing them around my neighborhood, and I'm thankful to live in a neighborhood with such interesting and vibrant photo spots.

Here's a little look into the personalities of these women with some links to some of my favorite content written by them. Enjoy!

Blogger Meet Up for the Maiedae Mixer - Atlanta
Meg of Rivers and Roads - Portrait of a blogger

// be inspired

Meg is a doer. She blogs, she explores, she writes letters and mails parcels, and she always has some crazy genius way of creating a community for people through blogging. Adventure for Meg isn't just about all the places she goes, but about living well and embracing her faith.

Adventure Seeker, Meg, of Rivers and Roads
South Carolina Blogger - Amy

// Be Strengthened 

Amy has an incredible perspective on life. She is open and honest on her blog, and her ability to share her struggles and strengths provides an open invitation to feel safe and welcome when reading her blog. She has an ongoing project called You Are Lovely and recently wrote this great post on being welcoming

Amy of Taking Steps Home - South Carolina Blogger

meet jenna
dearest Love

Jenna of Dearest-Love

// be loved

Jenna is such a loving and comforting person. In her presence, you never feel rushed or undervalued. She listens. Her blog is just like that too. She draws you in with posts about love and gratitude. I love that I live in the same city as this girl. We've already made numerous plans to hang out and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Jenna and coffee from Joe's East Atlanta Coffee Shop

Have you met any bloggers in real life lately? How did meeting them impact you?