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Life Lately: Gardens, Travel, And a Recipe Dry Spell

I feel like I haven't done a check-in on daily life for a while, so I'm linking up with Jenna at Dearest-Love.com for her 'Currently Series' to share with you the latest.
Life Lately - dreaming, planning, making, baking, watching with christinaelyse.com

// Dreaming

The reality of Matt and I traveling to Europe this year is definitely still a dream, but a very tangible one! We're nailing down dates this week so we can purchase those plane tickets! We're also trying to figure out where exactly we want to go. We keep switching! One idea is to do a literary tour of the UK, but we also love the idea of hanging out in Italy. I have Italian roots, but I've never been to Italy. If you had to choose, which would you pick?

// Planning

Video Blog - Matt and I are going to be giving you a tour of our little property this spring. We apologize in advance for Chester's interruptions. Right now, I'm trying to write a little outline so we don't ramble and bore you all.

// Making

Garden Decorations - I've been wanting to incorporate a little whimsy in the back yard, so I'm in the process of making some fun little decorations to put out there. I grew up with my Italian grandmother telling me lots of folk stories about little people and fairies in the garden. I know I'm a grown up with no kids, but I really want to honor her stories with some (not so) hidden fairy gardens in the yard.

// Baking

Our church does this thing called missional community groups, where you do missional acts of service in your neighborhood with church family members who also live in your area. We also meet on a regular basis for fellowship. This Sunday, we're meeting for brunch after church, and I need to bring a dish. Everyone's bringing a casserole, so I thought I would bake something. Any recommendations?

// Watching

Too many shows I care to admit. Current favorites? The Mindy Project and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I've never been one for super hero shows or movies (Except Heroes. I don't care what anyone says, that show was amazing), but for some reason, Agents became my comfort show. I loved the whole dysfunctional family vibe they've got going on.