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A Couple At Home - Decatur, Ga Family Photographer

The other night, Matt sat on the bed playing his guitar; Chester, our little corgi mix was curled up, sleeping on a pillow that fell to the ground. In a way, I felt a bit like an intruder, witnessing this simple, relaxed state of the men in my house, frozen in a moment of life as it unfolds.

It makes sense that I see them this way. As a photographer and writer, I'm always looking for glimpses of living in moments that seem to travel at such an incredible speed. And as much as life seems to be changing and moving, one thing remains constant: I'm very rarely documented. It seems to be a common role for wives and mothers, or for most creative types out there. We document and visualize and orchestrate for all we love, and forget to place ourselves somewhere in the story -- only becoming a memory of a body with a camera fixated on our faces.

Photo Says Hello | A Couple At Home | Decatur, GA

Matt says it's important that I be documented as well, and while I agree, I also find it important that we, the couple, are documented. So we've started this personal project: a series of portraits of a couple by the couple with the intention of showing that I live this life too and that we love living it together. So here I am, with my husband (and even little Chester). We are a couple at home, for home with each other is our favorite place to be, and a place we often forget to appreciate.

Photo Says Hello | A Couple At Home | Decatur, GA

I want to erase those feelings of being an intruder, an onlooker, finding beauty and appreciation in everyone but me. After all, how can I convince others what wonderful things I see in them as I photograph them, if I can't identify it within myself?