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DIY Book Page Art - How to Print on Book Pages

When it comes to decorating, I always run things by Matt. I know men typically don't want to have much say in how the home looks, and neither does Matt, really, but I think it's important to acknowledge that it's his home, too. 

So when I asked him if he had any ideas or preferences for the gallery wall I was planning for the living room, he piped in with "something related to science!" He even found an example of book page art online, and so I got to experimenting. 

Book Page Wall Art for Physicists

Since Matt's getting a PhD in Physics, I found some physics related clip art and strategically paired it with some cleverly titled pages from a little abridged book of King Arthur stories, such as "The Quest of the Holy Grail," "The Questing Beast," "How the Round Table Began," and "The End of it All." 

Call me snarky, but I found it somewhat amusing that there can be so many parallels between these chapter titles and man's pursuit of science. I also love how the art turned into a combination of my love of literature, and Matt's love of science.

I really loved how these turned out, so I thought I'd put together a little tutorial on how I print on book pages. I know it looks like a lot, but it's a pretty fast process once you get your bearings.  


  • computer and printer
  • MS Word or equivalent
  • Book pages you don't mind ripping out
  • Picture Frame: I used 8x10 picture frames. I love the thin frame look, and they're super affordable.
  • scissor or paper cutter
  • DIY Book Page Art - How To Print on Book Pages by ChristinaElyse.com

    //Selecting and Preparing your Book Page

    This is so important you guys. As a book lover, I found it extremely hard to bring myself to the point of ripping a page out of a book. I probably spent hours trying to find a book in my house that was interesting and meaningless to me.

    Selecting and Preparing your Book Pages

    I settled on this little abridged version of the King Arthur tales that I had to pick up for a gen ed class in college.

    King Arthur and his knights have been written about in much finer ways, and so I convinced myself this little book wouldn't be missed.

    Then I ripped with reckless abandon. 

    Once you have your book pages ripped (or cut if you have the patience), make sure you trim any shredded edges and then measure the page. 

    trim rough edges on book page art

    Measuring the page is very important for printing on the book pages. This page measured at 4.5" x 8." 

    measure your book page before you print

    // Finding Images for Your Book Page Art

    There's tons of resources out there. A favorite place of mine for cool, vintage graphics is here. I haven't tested this project out with color images, so I stick with clean black and white graphics. I love the look of this blue jay and this vintage witch costume for Halloween.
    DIY Book Page Wall Art - Printing on Book Pages

    // Formatting Your Image in Word

    1. In Microsoft Word, open a blank document and go to File >> Page Set Up and select "Mangage Custom Sizes from the "pages sizes" drop down. 


    2. Enter in your book page's dimensions from when you measured it earlier. To help reduce border clipping, make sure you set your margins to zero. I only set the right and left margins to zero as top and bottom didn't matter to me. 

    3. Insert your image into the document. To position it where you want, right click on your image, mouse over 'wrap text' and select 'through.' Now you can arrange your image where ever you'd like.



    // Testing Your Art Before Printing on Book Pages


    1. Before printing, load your printer with a test sheet of paper cut down to the same dimensions as your book page.

    This will allow you to ensure that the image is positioned properly, that none of it got clipped in the margins, and it will also tell you how your printer spits out paper. My printer prints it out upside down, so I know exactly how I need to load the book page when I'm ready to print. 

    practice printing on a scrap piece of paper cut to size

    My printer has these little guides that you can push in to help position the paper. I don't know if this little tidbit of information helps, but I do it whenever I'm printing on paper smaller than 8.5x11. 

    printing on book pages

    2. Once you've resized and positioned your image where you want it to be, go to File >> Print. Make sure the image bounding box is within the document or you might get some of the image clipped off. To ensure your whole image will print on the document, select 'paper handling' in your printing dialog box (usually defaults to copies & pages). Check "Scale to Fit Paper Size." 

    3. From "Paper Handling," move on to "Quality & Media." Set your print quality to fast and check "grayscale printing." This is just a test print, so you want to make sure you preserve your ink! 

    4. Click Print!

    how to print on book pages

    5. Once it prints the way you want it, go ahead and load your precious book page. Remember to notice how your printer releases the page. My printer spits the page out upside down, so I made sure to load my book page with the words upside down. 

    DIY Book Page Art - How to Print on Book Pages

    6. Make sure you select the proper quality of printing before printing on your final book page.

    DIY Book Page Art - How to Print on Book Pages

    Happy Printing! 



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