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A Week of Sun & Free Stock Photo

This week, the sun came out and it was glorious. 

Matt and I spent a couple of evenings in the yard. We really let the weeds in the flower beds get out of control. You would think after a long day of working in an office, the idea of yard work doesn't sound fun, but just getting to be outside and cultivate the land - it's a whole new sense of peace and freedom.

Lately, Matt and I have been talking a lot about living an intentionally creative lifestyle. There's more to us that what we do at work, and so we're trying to actively pursue our creative hobbies and get out of the tv-dinner-bed routine in the evenings. 

This week, I had a little time to do some studio shooting in the EVENING. Hello daylight savings, please stay forever! One of the results was this fast little desktop stock photo I'm giving you all to use at your leisure.

Do what you want with it, I just ask that you don't turn around and sell it as your own work. Use it for a design mock up, a blog post, an e-book, your choice! The dimensions are 1000px x 636px. 

So, for next week, I'm setting some goals for myself to get me started.

// Next Week's Goals

  • Work on my first ever vlog! I'm a such a perfectionist, and I'll worry myself into inaction. I'm going to just take advantage of the time change, and work on filming this in the evenings after work. 
  • Practice a photography tip I really want to continue offering easy photography tips to help others improve their photography skills. I've got one in the works, so I'll need to put it into practice, document it and write the blog post.
  • Write creatively, every day. This is a HUGE goal for me, and I honestly have no clue how it's going to turn out. 
  • Participate in a Twitter chat. You guys, this scares me to DEATH. I seem to always miss them when they start, so by the time I get on twitter, I never know where to jump in. This fear also comes from the fact that I feel like an absolute dinosaur every time I try to compose a tweet! Any advice? I plan to participate in Kayla's #CreateLounge next Wednesday. 

// Questions

  • What are your goals for the upcoming week?
  • How do you spend your evenings after a long day of work? Do you find yourself wanting to change your current habits?
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